Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Shep 3 Months Old

What our life is like:
Yea so how about that schedule... We are pretty much doing the eat play sleep thing. You have been very consistant about waking up at 6:00am no matter what time you go to bed so we just started putting you to bed at 7:30/8 to see how it works. 6:00am is early but you also head back to sleep until 9 so I can't complain! You're a good overnight sleeper and consistently give us 8 hours.

I stopped pumping pretty much all together. I think I'm going to start adding in a night time pump just to keep my supply up and give us some frozen just in case we need to be apart! You are almost exclusively nursed and it makes it really really easy. I have to learn to let you control how much you eat... if I force you to eat more it just ends up back on me. You always do a good burp when you're done. If you take a bottle, it's around 5oz.

You have had a BUSY 2nd month. You visited the beach and Michigan and survived a 13.5 hour car ride. That has really made scheduling difficult. You were waking up once a night around 3:30/4 but I put an end to that when you slept in my room in Michigan. You're Dad didn't arrive until 4 days in and this mama was tired! After a little cry it out you've been good to go! All this traveling also wreaks havoc on your routine. Right now you eat at 6, sleep until 9, eat, and then we head to workout and you sleep the entire time. I feed you again at 12 and you seem to take a natural nap from 2-4. You eat again at 4 and then again at 7:30/8. It's bath time at 7:30 and then off to bed! You have been lucky in that you've got mama and daddy all to yourself at that hour. We put you to bed a little drowsy but not completely out. The minute you cry we run to your rescue... not any more! We started doing a 5 minute cry it out, then checked on you/gave you a paci and you went right to sleep.

You are SUCH a strong baby. Everyone comments and your head control. I have been really nervous that you'll get a flat spot on your head because you hang out in your carseat a lot. I ordered a new head thing for you to put in your carseat (it's made by boppy) and you seem to love it! We also started you in the exersaucer and I know it is SUPER early but you LOVE it and your brother and sister LOVE interacting with you while you're in there. It's fun for me to watch the three of you play together. 

Nicknames: Pherd (as in she-pherd... everyone makes fun of me when I call you that!) Shep, Sheppie, Shep Shep, Sheppie Beppie, Beppie, Chunky Monkey, Monkey, Mon-kiki, kiki, keeks, (like that progression there....!) Emma Cate calls you sheppie sheppie sheppie sheppie
Weight: not sure
Height: not sure
Hair:  dark blonde. It's grown in a little! Probably the most even of all your siblings
Eyes: very dark blue
Clothes: your sweet 3 month smocked/kelly's kids/shrimp and grits are all to small to wear with your cloth diapers. We had to put you in disposables for you to wear that stuff. About 1/4 of your closet contains clothes that are too small... slow down buddy!
Diapers: We are in bum genius 4.0 or kawaii newborns all the time. You are on the tiniest rise in the BGs and we leave two columns of snaps showing.
Eating: Nursing every 3-4 hours and longer at night.
Likes: being held/sitting upright, the boba carrier (you nap in there a lot), being swaddled ( YOU LOVE being swaddled.. I try naps without it but you fuss until I swaddle you), being naked, laying on your playmat on the couch (not as much of a fan on the floor), being sung to, being tickled, you do like about 15 minutes of tummy time and then you are DONE. You also LOVE your exersaucer and the time you spend one on one with mommy and daddy talking baby talk. We get the biggest smiles, coos, and giggles. You love to pull mommy's hair. 
Dislikes: falling asleep without the swaddle, gas (oh man, I started eating really healthy with lots of greens and this did not agree with your tummy... we are working on it but gas drops are your friends!)
Development: You are a champ at holding your head up and lifting your upper body. You can also roll from belly to back. You are VERY strong. You are alert and bright eyed. You can follow me around the room and turn your head to hear my voice. You are smiling like a champ and give mommy the BEST smiles! You started laughing this month in these cute little baby giggles. I talk like an idiot just to hear you!
Words: not yet!
Teeth: not yet but man has that drooling increased!


You are on the go! We put you on your tummy on your mat and you are off of it in seconds. You like to scoot mostly but sometimes rolls from tummy to back to get where you need to be. You are already a TV watcher like your brother. I tried not to let the twins watch tv at this point but with you being the 3rd I don't think that's possibly. You may suffer from ADHD when you're older but at least I'm helping you out in the strength department because you love to lift yourself up to see the TV.

You are easy going and I love it! We went to eat with some first-time mommies and their babies and you were just so chill (probably because I am way more chill this time around). You eat, smile, play, and go back to sleep really easily when we're out. I'm loving your personality... chill with lots of smiles and laughs. 

Your brother and sister are so sweet with you. Emma Cate freaks out when you cry and starts to cry herself and says "no cry sheppie", "mama sheppie no cry... mama!". They also think that your drool is spit and I hear "Sheppie pit" a million times a day! They are always concerned for you. They are obsessed with you in the exersaucer. They play games with you and sing to you while you're in there. Holden can't wait for you to grow up and be rough and tough with him. He is still using your little head as a road for his cars when I'm not looking. Both he and Emma Cate love to give you kisses and hugs and always ask about their "baby shep". When I get them out of their cribs in the morning I always have you with me and they say "hey baby shep!" with such excitement. I wonder how long you'll be called "baby shep".

You are just still the sweetest little guy. You are long with just the right amount of baby rolls. You are almost always in a good mood (unless it's been awhile since you went to the bathroom or need your medicine). You are still on Axid every 8 hours and it is a miracle medicine! I love the few hours we get to spend together everyday while your siblings are asleep. It is such a wonderful time for me! Sheppie Beppie, we are all so happy you came into our lives. You make our family slow down a bit and hang out together. We love you so much buddy! 

Sorry for the abundance of pictures but I think you're pretty cute beppie! 

hanging out after our friend Libby's birthday party

loving the rolling part of the saucer

loves to sit up! We turned your boppy around because I found you face in the couch a few times!

this swaddle from pottery barn kids is your favorite (of course only my child wouldn't like the normal ones from target)

Emma Cate holding you. I think she's only got 9 lbs on you!

hanging out with pop po at the lake house in michigan

I've got lots of selfies with you because everyone else is always off chasing your siblings! Thank goodness for the carrier and selfies!

visiting sleeping bear dunes in michigan

cousin erin held you almost the entire time we were in michigan... cousin Erin, can you move to nc?

loving the cool weather in MI! perfect for outdoor naps!

first time at the lake!

your GAB

Arthur Shepherd meeting Arthur Lewis. This is your great grandfather. He was sooo excited to meet you!

baby's first fourth with daddy

sheppie and your 3rd cousin (my cousin matt's baby) Walt. he's two weeks younger than you but totally killing in in the hair department!

these are the smiles I love so much (especially after 6 straight hours of sleep!)

wine tasting with great aunt barbara (GAB) and aunt boey

vino and baby

on of our favorite Charleston restaurants, fleet landing

hanging out at Bohikit marina while your siblings participated in the fishing tournament

check out these guns

oh the rolls... how I am loving a chunky monkey (aka totally normal sized baby)

this is how you spent most of your time on your first trip to Seabrook

it is too freaking hot in here mama!

you and gigi at bohikit

I have to remember to put you in these pics with your siblings! hopefully i'll be able to trust them holding you one of these days. This was out to eat at Bad Daddys.

I took you all three to run errands for the first time. That's your little head on top!

oh i just love you to pieces buddy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Lately

Warning: This post is all over the place! 

I have really missed blogging! My kids do something cute/funny everyday and I wish I was documenting it! I love looking back on this blog and remembering these little details of our day. I'm going to try and keep my computer near my bed and fire off a quick post before I go to bed each night. 

We spent this morning at the twin's 2 year doctor appointment. They are both doing well! Both in the 50% for height (EC at 33.5 inches and H at 35 inches). Holden is in the 50% for weight at 28.5lbs and EC is in the 9% at 23lbs. We got the ok to move them to 2% milk. No more buying two cartons of milk in this house! EC still has to stay on full fat yogurt but not H and I can share fat free greek! 

I am determined to lose weight. I've been working out for a week and haven't lost a single freaking pound! I am trying to watch what I eat but need to be better at eating breakfast so that I'm not famished by lunch. 

The kids have been hitting the Y with me everyday. The teachers in child watch know them now and Holden is totally comfortable there. Emma Cate still cries at drop off but she is fine a few minutes later. Shep attends a baby class with me on monday/wednesday/friday and I love seeing his little face during my workout. The other days he heads to the nursery. Today was a nursery day and poor baby was so upset that they had to come find me on the track to come pick him up! Ah! He had a bout of constipation and once it cleared (um yuck) he was an entirely different child. Sooo happy!

We are back from vacation and the kiddos are finally getting back on a nap schedule. I am so thankful. They didn't nap at all last week but have napped the past two days. Thank the Lord. I am pretty exhausted from starting to work out and taking care of three kids is no joke. I am loving being at home but this stay at home mom stuff is tough. I miss the alone time I got while working. I don't need an entire 8 hours of it but 1 would be nice :) 

We got back from Michigan last monday morning at 2:30am and Jay left to work out of town for the week at 5:30am. I am trying really hard to be more independent from my family's help. I love them so much but after being with my kids for two weeks straight, I know they needed a break. I know that I can handle my three but it's so nice when I have someone to be there with me :) In the past, I haven't been really into playdates because I had so little time with my kids and I loved hanging out with my family. I've recently started getting together with friends and am loving it! It's so nice to be around people that are in the same place as you. 

Last week was rough with Jay out of town. Emma Cate learned to crawl out of her crib and open her bedroom door. I ended up having to lock her in her room because I was worried about her getting out and falling down the steps. The first night she was in there she cried for 45 minutes at the top of her lungs. It was really really hard. My mom came over to sit with me so that I wouldn't have to be alone. Finally, she climbed back into her crib and went to sleep. We haven't had any issues since but boy was it tough!

I had a fun wine date with some of my college besties the other night. I have missed these girls so much! I'm hoping and praying that one ends up back in Charlotte soon! (wink, wink!) 

Whew! Hopefully I won't wait as long to blog again. I've got lots of catching up to do!

2 Years Old Holden

Holden you are two!

You are my sweet buddy. You are chatty, fun, sweet, and rough and tumble all rolled up into one precious little toe-headed boy.

Let's start in the morning. You have been waking up at 6:30 and it is killing me. You'll stand in the corner of your crib and scream daddy forever. Sometimes you'll go back to sleep but a lot of times we go in and get you. Of course, when I walk in and get you, you are not happy that it's not daddy and will lay down and whine until I peel you out of bed. Even though you've been up screaming for an hour, you aren't truly awake and are a little bear. You've recently hated getting your diaper changed and it's always a fun struggle in the morning. You LOVE your construction site jammies and hate taking them off in the morning. You are very good about putting your clothes in the dirty clothes hamper and cleaning up the items that you throw out of your crib.

Every morning you are excited to find your trains. I keep a set upstairs and a set downstairs because you love them so much. Once you're finally awake you light up with excitement and run through the house. You are one hungry boy. You're pretty easy going about what you eat and aren't as demanding as your sister. You love bananas and applesauce for breakfast and eggs are a favorite too. You are a pretty fast eater and when you are done, you are DONE. You still throw your food and drink on the floor when you are done and this leads to lots of time outs. You are pretty good about doing time out in the corner and we don't have to do a lot of sleep sack time outs with you! You get up and always say "sowwy mama" and give big hugs before you are off to the next activity (which your normally run to). I don't ever want to forget your little body running/skipping in just your diaper from the kitchen to the family room. You are full speed ahead until you crash into something (usually your anywhere chair) and burst out laughing.

You LOVE your TV and I really have to monitor how much you watch. If you get up really early on weekends we grab you quickly before you wake up Emma Cate and plop you in our bed. You always request choo choos (Chuggington) and we happily oblige to get a few more minutes of shut eye. You are so sweet when you're in our bed. You put your head on the pillow and curl up under the covers.

You have found your voice and love to use it. You are a little parrot and repeat everything we say. You are stringing together words to form sentences and it amazes me they way your little brain works. You are one  very smart boy. You observe everything. You are great with rhyming words, you love the wibbly wobbily blank an elephant sat on blank game. You know all of your colors. You can memorize any song and you love for me to sing to you. I love that you are musical! I love music and know the words to tons of songs and love that you have an interest in this too! You can join me in killing your Dad in the lyrics game!

You wake up from nap much earlier than Emma Cate and I grab you and we have some one on one time. We normally cuddle on the couch and watch TV because you're still sleepy and need a bit more rest. You are very tactile. You'll rub my arm or shin (you especially love the prickly feeling when I need to shave) or play with the hair tie around my wrist. You do this subconsciously and it's pretty cute. You also love to pet boomer. You are OBSESSED with all things that move! We read "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" and the Trucks book over and over again. I just love hearing your little voice; Read mama Read!

My favorite phrase is "oh yeah, oh yeah". You say it with a little accent like you're from Minnesota. it's hilarious. You know that you are funny and you smile bashfully when you say something that gets everyone laughing.

You are really good at independent play. You can push your choo choos/cars/planes around for hours. Every now and then you run up to me and give me the biggest bear hug. I love that you are independent but still show your mama some love. You are intelligent, funny, and caring. You are going to make some woman very happy someday!

We are working on your cleaning up and listening skills. You LOVE to dump toys but aren't so great at picking up. Emma Cate normally cleans up after you. We've got to work on learning to put your toys away because your little cars are EVERYWHERE in our house!

You are very sensitive. You are rough and tumble but then cry easily at random things. You don't like to swing very high. It really scares you. You love the thrill for a minute and then freak out. You don't like super loud noises or when mommy is upset with Emma Cate.

You are such a sweet brother to Shep. You are learning to give gentle kisses but then I also catch you driving your cars on his head. I have a feeling this is what I'll experience throughout your brother relationship.

When we drive, you are so observant. You notice every police car, motorcycle, ambulance and fire truck. You love to point them out, watch them move, and imitate their sounds. You also notice when mommy drives fast and we hit bumps. You scream WHOA from the third road.

Holden, it is so fun having a little boy. You've taught this mommy about diggers, trucks, planes, and cars. You are a sweet mama's boy but can also get CRAZY with the boys in your class. You have a TON of energy and watching you run through the house makes me smile just as much as our couch cuddles. Your dancing is one of my favorites. You have such a sweet spirit. I am so glad I get to be your mommy! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It's been so long since I've blogged! I owe Holden a 2 year old post and it's on my to do list for tomorrow! I actually opened my computer for the first time in a few weeks today but only to get addresses for invitations for my sister's wedding!

The summer is flying by! We just returned home from 2 very full weeks of vacation and I can't wait to document it! You may have noticed that I switched my blog to private recently. I was going through the interview process for a new job and wanted to remove my internet presence. Not that there is anything wrong with my blog, I just like to make the first impression in person. The interview process is over and I'm back online :) Big changes to come this year! 

I'm so glad to be back at home and excited to settle in to our summer routine (once I get us all unpacked and get the mountains of laundry done!). Baby Shep is growing like crazy! I still haven't taken his 2 month photo and he will be 3 months next week! He started rolling over and sleeping through the night while we were on vacation. I'm already missing my newborn but excited to see him reach all the milestones that are coming up! Holden is speaking in sentences and I love seeing my active little boy grow up while still remembering to hug mommy every few minutes. Emma Cate is sassy as ever and just learned how to climb out of her crib with her sleep sack on. Say a prayer for me with that one! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

2 years old Emma Cate

This post will be all over the place. I want to capture your crazy personalities and funny things you say.

How in the WORLD do I have 2 year olds! These past two years have flown by. This is my favorite stage so far. It has been challenging dealing with your behavior, independence, and tantrums but it is also the most FUN!

picking up party food the day before your birthday

Emma Cate:
You are too much. You are sweet and loving and sassy all wrapped up into one really tiny package. We haven't been to your 2 year appointment yet but you weight 22.5lbs on our home scale and wear 18 month clothes. You are fiercely independent. I hear "self mommy" all day long. You want to do everything yourself. Only when you get stuck do I hear "help mommy". You wake up and play in your crib silently. You like to read and will sit there for hours until I come get you. You call your brother, Holdie and you both throw animals and books back and forth between your cribs until you both get tired with the game and then throw everything on the floor. I walk in your room to get you and hear "I wake up mommy!". We change your diaper next. You like diaper cream and always request "ceam mommy ceam". We request that you pick up your pjs and put them in your hamper... sometimes you comply readily and other times it takes some convincing. You then have to pick up any toys you threw over your crib before we head to breakfast. Immediately, you request milk and drink a ton. You're not much of an eater but you drink milk and water all the time.

At meals you love you fruit. We have to hold back so that you'll eat other parts of the meal. You also love syrup and will skip the pancakes and just like the syrup off your plate. Your favorite food is yogurt. We mixed plain yogurt, local honey and fruit for breakfast. I hear "yuh-gurt honeee pease" all the time. You also love strawberries, oranges and pineapple. You are a big fan of "o's" (cheerios or kashi cinnamon cereal) and request them a lot. You like your cheese shredded vs. cut. You will only eat a banana if it's in the peel and you like Kind granola. You have very definitive opinions and a quick to throw a temper if something isn't to your liking.

You love to play. Upstairs, your favorite thing to do is climb on the trunk (that serves as an end table) and fling your little body onto the couch. You also like to jump on the couch (this is discouraged in our home but I'm at a disadvantage when I'm in the middle of feeding Shep and you do this) and climb your anywhere chair. You fall a lot. We do quick hugs and kisses and you're off and running again. You like quiet time too and I'll find you sitting on the sofa reading a book. You're either wild child or calm and sweet. Not a lot of in between. In the playroom, your favorite thing is the bounce house. You jump and jump and jump. Actually, you like to jump everywhere, off steps, in place, on our little trampoline. You also like to sort things. You'll take all the food from your kitchen, fill your shopping cart, dump it out, and put it all back. You set up the little tea parties for us and baby Zsa Zsa to enjoy. We nibble on food and you think this is pretty funny. You LOVE the slide in the playroom and hurl yourself down it laughing all the way. I often hear your talk to yourself as you play and it is so sweet.

Your hair is curly curly and matches your personality. It is FINALLY growing in at your hairline and mommy is so excited. It's coming in really really blond. You have the best smile and love to say cheese for me to take your picture. You have a love/hate relationship with bows. You often request them and then yank them out of your hair and toss them across the room with a devilish laugh. I will give you two options of clothes to wear and you pick out what you're going to wear. Your summer favorite is your sailboat bubble. You also love your "wiwwy (lilly pulitzer) dresses".

You can throw a fit with the best of them but I think we're started to get away from this phase (thank God). You used to scream, kick, and hit me getting in your car seat but you've gotten so much better. I hear "i do it!" all the time. You like to buckle yourself in (just the chest strap), climb in the car, walk down the front steps, put on and take off your shoes all by yourself.

You are a great napper when you finally get to sleep. I'll put you down around 1 and you'll play quietly in your crib until 2:30 and then sleep until 5.

You squeal when you run and love being chased. You and Holden will chase each other around the island in the kitchen for a solid 20 minutes. You are a biter and we have to put you in time out often for this. You get so frustrated and latch on to Holdie and won't let go. You do give a little warning by screaming No Holdie No and swatting your hand back and forth before going in for the kill.

You still do get frustrated and misbehave. Often, we need some time to cool off and regroup. When you're really naughty you get a "sleep sack time out". You have figured out how to take your sleep sack off and climb out of your crib so Daddy had the great idea to put your sleep sacks on backwards so you couldn't get them off. You won't ever sit in time out and when we put you in time out in your crib you just crawl out. Gigi had the great idea to start sleep sack time out and we put you in your sleep sack and in your crib. You cry for a good 5 minutes then start screaming "I sorry mommy, I no bite!". It is really funny on my end. It probably sounds cruel but it works so well and when I go get you out, you are full of hugs and back to your sweet/crazy self.

You aren't a big tv watcher but you will put down anything you're doing to do the hot dog dance (you call it hottie doggie diggity dance). You like Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins but prefer to read books about them instead of watching the show. You also LOVE nemo. We watch nemo when we've got a long car ride.

We love to dance and you often request Pharrell's Happy as your song of choice. You also like Blurred Lines (I know... great parenting). Your aunt's have taught you to "whip your hair"  and you can also get low and pump. Watching you dance is comical. In the car you're pretty good at copying mommy's moves and can bob your head to the beat. You also like to put your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care.

Before bed you love to read the Twins book. You know all of the words. You always do prayer hands when we pray and says AAAAmen when we are finished. You cry just long enough for us to make it down the hall and are out.

Emma Cate, you are so cute and spunky and bring so much laughter and joy to our lives. We love you very much!

Baby Shep 2 Months

You are two months old!

taken at your 2 month doctor's visit
What our life is like:
We are still working on this schedule thing. I'm not nearly as strict as I was with the twins. You normally go to sleep around 9:30 or 10 for the night. Last night you slept from 10 until 6am! Woo hoo! Other nights, you are up around 4 and then at 7 or 3 and then 6. It really just depends. I've been busy lately and haven't kept you on as much as a schedule as I would have liked!

After the 6 am feeding you head to back to sleep. I do a morning pump (still making a good amount of milk) to empty out from the night before) and either head back to sleep or get up if EC and H are awake. You are up for the day at 8:30/9am and we start nursing then. You are pretty much exclusively breastfeed with an occasionally bottle here or there if I'm not home. If you do take a bottle, it's around 4-5oz. I don't really ever bottle feed you myself. This makes feeding SUPER easy. You are always on the the go and it makes it very easy to head out the door without packing bottles.

We are still settling into our summer/stay-at-home routine. Our schedule is normally dictated by what I've got going on. After the 9 am feeding we try to run all of our errands. We (EC, H and I) normally play with you/sing to you from across the room while you're sitting in your boppy until around 10. Then we head out for the day. You usually nap from 10-12 or 1 while we're out and about. If you fall asleep at home you'll take a a good hour nap and then doze on and off until it's time to eat again. You nap in your crib or in your guzzie and gus chair. You've even fallen asleep in your high chair. Third child, you are relaxed and go with the flow!

We nurse at 12/1 and then put the twins to sleep. We have playtime until 1:30 or 2 and then you're down for a nap and I have between 45 minutes to 2 hours to get things done around the house (or watch TV!) until someone wakes up from nap. Recently. Holden has been getting up early so the three of us hang out on the couch and have quiet time.

By 5, everyone is up and I'm trying to make dinner and count the minutes until Daddy gets home :) We've been so blessed to have meals for the past two months and I haven't had to do much cooking. We eat as a family around 5:30/6 and a lot of times you end up eating at the table with us. Nothing like nursing during dinner. I generally carry you around while we get the twins ready for bed or you hangout on your mat and swat at the toys overhead. You head to sleep at 7 for your catnap. We put the twins down and then get things done around the house until 9. We wake you up and bathe you. You nurse one last time and off to sleep you go! I do one more evening pump as soon as you go to bed. I try to head to bed after you but recently we haven't made it back there until midnight so those nights that you sleep til 6am are greatly appreciated!

Nicknames: Shep, Sheppie, Shep Shep, Sheppie Beppie, Beppie, Chunky Monkey, Monkey, Mon-kiki, kiki, keeks, (like that progression there....!)
Weight: 12lbs 4oz. 
Height: 23 1/2 inches
Hair:  dark blonde. Hasn't really grown at all since birth. Love my bald babies!
Eyes: very dark blue
Clothes: newborn clothes were gone after the first two weeks. You've grown out of a lot of 3 month things and 6 month stuff fits/is a tiny tiny bit too big. I was so different about the twins when it came to clothes, I never ventured past their "month" in the closet. I pull everything from your closet (even the 9 month stuff) because I know how quickly you'll grow! We're trying to wear each item at least once but MAN do you have a lot of clothes.
Diapers: We said buhbye to the prefolds (ugh I hate those) and are pretty much in bum genius 4.0 or kawaii newborns all the time. You are on the tiniest rise in the BGs and we leave two columns of snaps showing.
Eating: Nursing every 3 hours and longer at night.
Likes: being held/sitting upright, the boba carrier (you nap in there a lot), being swaddled, being naked, laying on your playmat on the couch (not as much of a fan on the floor), being sung to, being tickled
Dislikes: falling asleep without the swaddle
Development: You are a champ at holding your head up and lifting your upper body. The doctor at your 2 month check up said that you were 2 months ahead in that area of development. It was funny for me to hear that because the twins were usually on the later end of gross motor development. It is very different having a full-term baby. You can also roll from belly to back. You are VERY strong. You are alert and bright eyed. You can follow me around the room and turn your head to hear my voice. You are smiling like a champ and give mommy the BEST smiles!
Words: not yet!
Teeth: not yet!


Right after your one month appointment, you were diagnosed with reflux. We put you on medicine (axid) and it has made all the difference. You are SUCH a happy baby when you have your medicine. We can always tell when we've missed a dose because you start to cry. You usually don't cry much unless it's time to eat or you're trying to fall asleep (you have a hard time sleeping without your swaddle). You are a big guy and everyone comments on what a big baby you are. You are in the 25% for head, 50% for weight and 75% for length. You feel like the twins did at 5 months. Your carrier is so heavy and I prefer to put you in the boba if I have to carry you. You are the sweetest thing and give the best smiles. We enjoy playing together and chatting. I'm so glad you're good at nursing now because it is usually the only peaceful time we get to spend together :) It's hard on me that your a growing so fast. You were barely a newborn, and I feel like the infant phase is fleeting and now you are a baby. Slow down a little ok? 

Your brother and sister adore you. A lot of times you'll be sitting in your chair and the twins with be playing near you. I am in and out of the room trying to pick up and get laundry done. We hear you cry and EC or Holden will rush to give you your paci. Emma Cate likes to sing to you and you give her some pretty fabulous smiles. Holden can't wait for you to play with him. He is very loving to you but his hugs are a little tight around your head :) He tried to play cars with you but mommy put an end to that when he used your head as a road. Emma Cate likes to hold you but when she's done, she just let's go so we don't trust her too much!

I love you sooo much Sheppie. You have brought some peacefulness into our lives (sounds crazy with a newborn right?). I've got to slow down a bit when I'm with you and I love it. You are so happy and peaceful and always make me smile. I am so thankful for you. 

I'm Baaaaack

Sorry for the little mia in blogging. I switched over to private because I was interviewing for a new job! I always prefer to block my social media stuff during that process. I'm excited to say that I got the new job but haven't decided if I'm going to accept it yet. Decisions, decisions! It is for a VERY part-time teaching job at a small private school.

Currently, we are at the beach and I'm hanging out on the porch at 6:30am listening to the thunder in the distance while everyone else is asleep. I can't remember having this much quiet! I decided to catch up on some blogging so hopefully I can knock out some posts in the next hour or so.

Our life has been fun and exciting these past few months since Shep made his arrival. There is never a dull moment! I'm finding it really hard to blog but I still want to document our lives (thanks instagram! @akscarroll).

Monday, June 2, 2014

Shep's Newborn Pictures Part 1

The same Saturday as preschool carnival, we had pictures.Taking newborn pictures with twins is a bit crazy. With Shep being born so close to Easter, our photographer was also out of town during the sleepy newborn phase and Shep decided to stay awake through almost all of the pictures so we had to schedule another session for me to take him to the studio. 

My mom came over to help with pictures and watch the twins while we were working with Shep. She got some great pics while they were playing in the basement.
fixing gigi's toes

this guy fixes everything with his little drill

my girl with the curls

love these milk drunk faces

yes, this guy is a chunky monkey compared to his petite siblings

Preschool Carnival

The twins' Monday/Wednesday Preschool hosts a huge carnival each year as a fundraiser for the school. We had an absolute blast attending! We love their preschool and all the great things they do for families outside of the school day. We've had so much fun meeting new friends and families.  Both Gran (Jay's mom) and Gigi (my mom) came with us. Jay and I had it pretty easy carrying baby Shep around while the Grandmas had a ball with the twins.  
we started the day with yuh-gurt and hon-ee peas! We took family pictures before the carnival and the morning was a little crazy!

how cute is a sleeping baby

first smile!

after bath Holden climbed into our bed and snuggled up with Shep. I'm serious that he wants to be a baby again!

Waiting in line for the pony rides. 

This girl wanted to ride the pony so bad and stood in line for 20 minutes. She got up there and BAWLED when my mom stepped away to take a picture. Nice parent I am, I made her ride it and she stopped after a few seconds.

Gran and Holdie

Gigi and Cate (we pretty much call her Cate all the time when it's just our little family but always Emma Cate or Sassy in public!) making the rounds 

Riding the choo choo train. This was the highlight of their day!

Just two parents hanging out sans big kids. By the way. I LOVE my boba carrier! I had a bjorn with the twins and this is sooo much better. I look a little crazy in this picture because the top of the carrier buckles to the shoulders to protect the baby's head from sun.

Gigi climbed through the bounce maze with Emma Cate. 

Girlfriend LOVES her gigi

Daddy took Holden down the slide and got stuck so he ended up running down. It was comical.

this guy saw the big boys volunteering at the basketball station and couldn't wait to join them. Holden loves the big boys. He also like to point out boys and girls.

she stayed at this table for forever. best $1 ticket spent!

Shep and I snuck out after the carnival and met my sisters, mom, and brett for lunch and beers at providence sundries. Such a pretty day to sit and relax with the garage doors up!

Gran and the twins!