Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

This week started out CRAZY but is shaping up to be tons of fun! I've noticed that when I'm home more, things are so much calmer. I LOVE coaching cheer but am thankful we chose to do a short season this year and that we are ending the first week of December.

Jay and I met my mom and babies at the dr's office on Monday afternoon for an ultrasound to see baby Shep. Normally, my mom keeps the babies during these appointments but this time she had an appointment and we had to bring them with us. It was crazy. Right in the middle of their nap time, no pacis, limited snacks...  While that was the stressful part, we were happy to learn that Shep is growing and healthy! Measuring about a week ahead of schedule. He does have some fluid in his kidney so say a prayer that disappears before our next ultrasound.

Holden had some yuck in his eye on Monday morning but not enough to cause concern. By the time I saw him again at the doctor's office I was concerned about pink eye so we left straight from my appointment to the pediatrician's office (the only appointment we could get was way out in their Matthews location...yuck). Thankfully, my mom got done with her appointment at the same time we finished with mine so she grabbed Emma Cate and took her home so I could take Holden.

Poor baby was miserable. No wonder, he had a double ear infection and pink eye. More meds for my sweet boy. He did NOT want to be let down and I was glad I had the bjorn in the car with me to help carry him. This baby has been sick with everything while his sister has only had one sick appointment and it was for a "cold". I am SOOOOO thankful that even when sick, this kid sleeps through the night like champ!

I stayed home from work with Holden on Tuesday and we had a great time running errands and doing chores around the house. He felt fine but I didn't want to risk infecting the kids in his class.

we ran up to the mall north of town to return something and Holden was obsessed with the Christmas tree. we walked around and looked at all the ornaments. I am sooo excited for Christmas this year because the babies are noticing everything! I was inspired to listen to holiday music and found this station on xm. Holden happily babbled along.

we tried to meet my mom for lunch at cheesecake factory and emma cate was NOT having it. She threw the BIGGEST fit ever. I had to take her out of the restaurant and my mom and Holden followed behind with our food boxed up to go. It was totally my fault for taking her out to eat during nap time after she had already eaten at school. We put the babies down for a nap and they played and babbled for over an hour and never went to sleep.

Tuesday is our only "family night". Jay gets home at 5 and I have to leave at 7 for cheer practice but we still get a few good hours together. I cancelled practice this week and we got to spend a lot of time together :) This Tuesday was preschool spirit night. The kids did AMAZING (even after no nap) and we had the best time! They LOVED the cow from afar but were terrified when we walked over to see him. Holden was a bit curious and would get close and run away. Emma Cate clung to me like crazy.

someone on instagram commented about how much hair she has gotten, unfortunately, it is only in the back! Here's hoping her hairline grows in the front!

contrary to how miserable she looks in this picture, girlfriend loves her bath and we are still doing sink baths all the time. I know they are WAY too big but this works for us with having twins and only having one parent home at night to give baths. I feel like this is much safer than managing both in the tub by myself.

We had a wonderful Wednesday! I came home from work early and got a lot accomplished around the house. Our friends, the Londrys, came to play and Aunt Allie and Gigi stopped by for a visit. I was amazed at how jealous EC and H got when I or my mom held one of the Londry babies! I started researching "introducing a sibling" last night. ha! 

We had another nice dinner out and the kids even allowed us to shop around SouthPark for a little before heading home.


  1. We are still doing the sink too!! I will only do the bath tub if both of us are home.